Popovers and Thanksgiving Leftovers

If you have ever been to Bar Harbor, Maine, you probably encountered a popover somewhere in Bar Harbor or at the Jordan House in Arcadia National Park. These popovers are light, fluffy and hallow rolls suited for any occasion. This holiday season, try some popovers with your leftovers for something sweet or savory. You can pre-order popovers from The Popover Lady and pickup at any of the four farmers market locations — Brookline, Newton, Natick, and Wakefield/Melrose.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Ice Cream Filled Popovers

Ice cream popovers


Fill a popover with your favorite yogurt or frozen treat topped with some fresh fruits.

Popover Veggie Delight

Stuffed Popovers

Leftover vegetables from Thanksgiving can be reinvented and filled in a popover.

Chicken or Turkey Cream Popover

Turkey:Chicken Popovers


A warm turkey-popover roll on a cold day is the perfect meal and best way to eat leftovers. This great recipe from cooks.com offers a way to reinvent the turkey/chicken pot pie.


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